Gracias Madre Rum…

An Homage to Mother Earth

Gracias Madre Rum intends to pay tribute to Mother Nature; a message of gratitude for all we have and the people around us. Our spiced rum is an invitation to focus on what really matters to each of us. Let’s use all of our senses, widen our perspectives, and live fully in the moment. In essence, the all seeing eye on our bottle is a call to action. Let’s take a look at all the things that make this life worth living… and celebrate them.

My New Favorite Rum

From the first time I tried a Gracias Madre Rum mojito I was hooked. The flavor profile made my taste buds sing with every single sip. Never over-powering the other drink ingredients it was the perfect cocktail companion. We actually had some Captain Morgans Spiced rum on hand as well and lets just say that bottle was ignored all night. Keep up the great work!

Christina M.

Smooth and Flavorful

I just want to commend your team on making an awesome rum. I just picked one up for a magic themed night and it was a huge hit. It was actually the first bottle that was finished and it left everyone wanting more. Keep up the great work on the magic sauce. Next time I'm going to get a few bottles as a reserve 😛

Nick A.

Best Rum Ever!

From the first moment I took a sip of your rum I fell in love. I love the flavor combinations and mixing it with cocktails is a dream. I don't usually drink rum because its so harsh, but now I'm at total fan. Gracias Madre Rum really is magical. Thank you for making rum taste amazing!

Karen S.

Heritage Recipe

More Than a Rum…

A Magic Potion From Mother Earth

Mother Nature has been revered and honored for centuries. In fact, the natural world and its interconnectedness has guided many of the Earth’s first ancient inhabitants. Some have called this worship of natural elements a philosophy, some have called it a religion, and others have ignored it altogether. There are many awesome tales of magic and mystery associated with our great Mother and we aim to bring that magic back. Every culture seems to have a different interpretation on how the natural world connects us, but one thing always remains the same, Mother Nature gives us life. This deep connection goes far beyond the physical plane. It encompasses the spiritual and mental realms as well. At Gracias Madre Rum, we tap into these positive ideologies and the natural healing powers of the Earth to bring you the ultimate magic potion – Mother Nature’s special brew. We work hard so that you can enjoy the spirit of Mother Nature in each and every bottle of our award winning spiced rum. Don’t drink to forget… drink to remember.


Gracias Madre Spiced Rum is a premium liquor brand from Los Angeles. Our Voodoo inspired award winning rum will put a spell on you and enchant your senses. The magic elements we add to our recipe has resulted in our blend being hailed as "The Best Rum In The World". Experience the magic for yourself.
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