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Behind this riveting spiced rum is a world renowned rum master. Christian Vergier took the balance of the natural world and the complexity of human connection as the foundation of our unique flavor. This union of ideologies gave birth to the distinctive taste profile that is Gracias Madre Rum. His goal of course, was to capture the spirit of Mother Nature in every bottle. Aside from the simple pleasure of a toast, Gracias Madre is an invitation to go beyond ourselves. To go even further, deeper, and to celebrate the shared destiny that unites us all. This idea of building bridges was dear to our founder George Bohbot. In fact, it was the spark the ignited the passion behind Gracias Madre Rum. Life is precious. Make sure every moment is remembered, honored and cherished. Simply look around to see nature’s gifts and all there is to be thankful for.

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Epic Cocktails

Our Mother Nature inspired rum is the absolute best spiced rum for cocktails and drinks. The unique flavor will captivate your taste buds and take you back to a time when magic, mystery and nature ruled the World.

A Magic Potion Like No Other

Carefully Crafted & True To Nature

Borrowing from the rich rum traditions of Puerto Rico and the refined tastes of France, Gracias Madre Rum will fill your heart and captivate your senses. Our secret is layered in a combination of eight natural ingredients, carefully sourced from the terroir of the Bordeaux region in France. This unique marriage of ingredients and premium heritage recipe rum allows for the spirit of Mother Nature to come alive with each delicious sip. Nature’s connection comes full circle as friends, family and loved ones share a toast to our unique blend. Each sip brings warm hints of gingerbread, tropical spices, fresh citrus undertones, notes of pepper, honey and a kiss of ginger. What an incredible way to celebrate our connection to the Earth and to each other.

There Has Never Been A Rum Like This



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Highly Praised & Award Winning

Best Spiced Rum Recipe

Gracias Madre Spiced Rum has already received glowing international recognition for taste and quality and continues to earn respect worldwide. Our one-of-a-kind rum won several gold medals at the China Wine & Spirit Awards this year and a silver medal at the Concours Mondial De Bruxelles in 2016. That silver medal was one of only two medals awarded to United States based companies, so it was a big deal for us. In addition to our numerous awards we have been rated as “superb” quality rum by Liquor Rank with a 91 point score. That makes us one of the top brands on the market! We would love to thank our fans and our critics for taking the time to come out to some of our exclusive tastings around the country. Check back often to hear about new events and more awards.

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Indulge & Appreciate

Where do you fit in when it comes to the best spiced rum on the planet? Give your tastebuds an adventure and treat yourself to a true connoisseurs experience. After all... you deserve it.

Gracias Madre Spiced Rum is a premium liquor brand from Los Angeles. Our Voodoo inspired award winning rum will put a spell on you and enchant your senses. The magic elements we add to our recipe has resulted in our blend being hailed as "The Best Rum In The World". Experience the magic for yourself.
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