Gracias Madre Spiced Rum

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Gracias Madre Spiced Rum puts a magical twist on classic heritage recipe Puerto Rican rum. Infused with eight meticulously selected natural ingredients, sourced throughout France and later rectified following a strict process crafted by World renowned French oenologist Christian Vergier, Gracias Madre Spiced Rum is much more than just another rum. We dug deep into the roots of Caribbean culture to craft an enchanting brew with the magic of Voodoo in every bottle. It’s an award winning magical potion sure to have you under it’s delicious spell. Send us a message using our contact page to make a purchase.

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This award-winning rum invites you to indulge your senses. Between layers of golden and amber tones, discover warm notes of gingerbread and tropical spices, flirting with hints of honey and fresh citrus to create a magical potion.

The mystical potion’s task? To remind us of the important things by means of a captivating and enchanting experience. The grandmaster behind this otherworldly elixir is World renowned French oenologist Christian Vergier. Following a heritage Gracias Madre Spiced Rum begins in Puerto Rico and is later infused and rectified at 80 proof in California using only the finest natural ingredients. Gracias Madre’s challenge to capture Voodoos unifying mysticism in a bottle has proven to be a success resulting in numerous awards and international recognition for taste and quality.

Deeply rooted in Caribbean culture, Gracias Madre Spiced Rum seeks to capture and convey the cooperating nature of an old tradition. Say “rum” and you’ll hear tales of pirates and other legends of the sea. But beyond mythology, rum through it’s many transformations is deeply intertwined with a revered culture – Voodoo. With the rich history, spanning thousands of years and at the confluence of multiple cultures, Voodoo is a reflection of our common roots. Gracias Madre pays homage to this rich tradition of community and invites you to discover our shared destiny.

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Size:750 Ml

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Length:3 1/4″
Width:3 1/4″
Height:10 1/8″

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Weight:20.5 Lbs

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2 reviews for Gracias Madre Spiced Rum

  1. Rick Stanley

    Love the rum and love the new site! Great work and I look forward to more tastings in LA.

  2. Kristen Greene

    Went to the tasting on Sunset Blvd. and loved your rum. The flavors that come through are really amazing. Keep up the great work.

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Gracias Madre Spiced Rum is a premium liquor brand from Los Angeles. Our Voodoo inspired award winning rum will put a spell on you and enchant your senses. The magic elements we add to our recipe has resulted in our blend being hailed as "The Best Rum In The World". Experience the magic for yourself.
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