Mother Nature’s Rum

More Than A Drink – A Connection

Mention rum and you’ll hear colorful tales about pirates and other legends from the Caribbean. However, beyond the mythology, rum has has always been about the simplicity of enjoying the moment. Connecting shipmates, friends and families wherever a bottle was opened. With a rich history spanning thousands of years and multiple cultures, rum is a reflection of our common roots. This deep connection between us and our planet needs to be nurtured, and what better way to be thankful than to pour a toast to the bond that makes us all human.

Crafted For The Spirit

More Than A Brand – A Philosophy

Gracias Madre Rum offers an original and creative alternative to the large alcohol corporations that dominate the market. Geared towards an epicurean clientele, our unique blend brings a new experience of gratitude, meaning and inspiration to rum drinkers all over the world. Our consumer is someone independent and cultivated, who values creativity, embraces nature, and appreciates the passion we poured into our premium spiced rum. Appealing to both men and women, Gracias Madre Rum can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails. We work tirelessly to make sure that our first-class brand can be enjoyed anywhere people get together to celebrate life, love and all things natural.

The Nose

Tropical spices, a clear nuance of pepper, honey, and gingerbread, together with candied mandarin and blood oranges.

The Palate

Notes of wood, cinnamon, nutmeg, grey pepper, in addition to fresh notes of citrus evident once the spirit breathes. Seductive and beautifully balanced in structure, suavity, and tonicity.

The Finish

A vivid presentation of a radiant golden rum with reflections of copper. Luminous and smooth in consistency.

The Goal

Gracias Madre Spiced Rum was created with the goal to take rum’s noble pedigree and make it appealing to both men and women, neat, on the rocks, and in cocktails. Our Voodoo inspired rum has already won international recognition for taste and quality and continues to earn positive recognition worldwide.

The latest and greatest

Gracias Madre Spiced Rum is a premium liquor brand from Los Angeles. Our Voodoo inspired award winning rum will put a spell on you and enchant your senses. The magic elements we add to our recipe has resulted in our blend being hailed as "The Best Rum In The World". Experience the magic for yourself.
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